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We Are Colorful Studio

Colorful Studio are brand consultants with expertise in graphic design, motion graphics, animation, videography, photography, app development, web development, programming, and more.


What We Do

Our Marketing Army is our collective team of experts who know how to get you, what you do, and what ...


Our Demo Reel

Let us show you what we got. This is a small collection of work we’ve done along the motion graphics, ...


ADDY® award winning studio

Working with Colorful means you're working with a studio that really can bring it. But don't just take our word for it. Check it out... we won a Gold Addy award!


Building Our Studio

We like to make things. Not just brands, designs and the artsy stuff with a purpose. But we also love projects like this one. As creative folks, we can not only see the diamond in the ruff, we have the ability to cut and polish it until it sparkles.


Filming & Video Work

We love film. We love video. We love how it can truly impact people and call them to action. Used ...


We Build Websites

Have you been thinking about having a website built, or just want to revamp that old, tired, 1999 version you’ve ...



Everyone has heard of Zippo. It’s both a brand and a refillable metal lighter made by  Zippo Manufacturing Company. There are ...


Likeable Dentists

Likeable is an award-winning social media leveraging and word of mouth marketing firm with 200+ clients and offices in 3 ...


Med Voyager

Medvoyager.com is a online healthcare resource owned by Life Care Planning Solutions. They’re committed to providing their customers with the peace ...



We were privileged to have the opportunity to prepare an animation for Broadcom, a  major leader in the wireless and broadband communication business. ...


Oakley AirBrake

Oakley, Inc. makes sport equipment including sunglasses, sports visors, and ski goggles, which is the subject of this animation.  When one ...



In 2012 we were given the opportunity to share our creativity with IHS, a global information company with world-class experts ...


Logo Creation

A logo is the cornerstone of your branding. It is the “icon” that everyone remembers and associates with who you ...



One of our directors grew up in California on Shasta, much like the rest of the US. Just in case ...



One of our core skill sets is being able to take your brand and marry it with our creative ideas ...



Toyscapes is an annual exhibit features enormous recreations from the Oklahoma City skyline – all made exclusively from toys! Kids ...


3D Design

From a simple walk-through to a complex simulation or TV ad, Colorful Studio can bring your ideas to life by ...



Vanguard Property Inspectors was founded on a set of ethics that is difficult to find these days: honesty, integrity, and ...



If you’ve ever wondered if flyers are a great way to advertise, just walk down any city street like in ...



GOES LLC is a company that specializes in green-energy related products. We were privileged to have the opportunity to create much of ...


2011 Demo Reel

Each year, sometimes two or three times, we like to put together a quick demo reel to let you know ...


Art Work

In our industry we create things that merge our creativity and artistic flare with functionality. From abstract to minimalist, we ...


Ravens Wood

Do you enjoy a good glass of wine? Well, we sure do! And there’s nothing better than Ravens Wood where ...


Animation Stills

These are great examples of stills taken from the Med Voyager video that won us a Gold Addy Award. This ...


Community Art

We pride ourselves on giving back and being involved with the community around us. Here’s a few fantastic examples of ...


2010 Demo Reel

Colorful Studio was founded in 2010. Crazy eh? Look at all the cool things we’ve been able to do since ...


Join Our Team

You might have noticed, but we’re not your grandma’s branding company. We’re innovators. We’re boundary pushers. We aim high. Are ...


Free Stuff

We love to give things away to our clients and other designers. In today’s economy, it’s just nice to get something ...

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Contact Colorful

Now that you’ve had the chance to see what we do… We’d LOVE to talk to you, so click here ...

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