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Filming & Video Work


We love film. We love video. We love how it can truly impact people and call them to action. Used properly, live action video can set you apart from the competition and drive sales through the roof. This is especially so for online marketing.

Our team has written, directed, and produced commercials, instructional DVDs, and television shows. We have significant experience is knowing how to make you look great, how to convey your message, and how to increase your business and market share by using video in unique, creative, and logical ways.

In fact, we just completed a three-week production that took us across the US and Europe. From LA to NY, then to London, Paris, all the way through France into Switzerland, down into Italy where we filmed in Venice, Pisa, Rome, Pompeii, across the Adriatic to the Greek Islands, then finally across to Athens.

Because we have relationships with production and distribution companies all over the world, we have the ability to go anywhere and shoot virtually anything. We can get there by foot, train, truck, and you can even drop us out of a plane. We’ve filmed in some of the hashes places on the planet, so filming at your business location is easy.

Just give us a ring, and we’ll make it happen. Action!

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