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Building Our Studio


We like to make things. Not just brands, designs and the artsy stuff with a purpose. But we also love projects like this one. As creative folks, we can not only see the diamond in the ruff, we have the ability to cut and polish it until it sparkles.

We started with a pretty nasty space. You can see what we had to deal with. We demolished it and then rebuilt it from the ground up. Now, we live in (yeah, we work that much) in a nice, clean, open space that is an absolute joy to behold.

By the way, did we mention that the floor is (no kidding) the very floor Michael Jordan played on in college. Yep, we were able purchase a nice chunk of the the Tar Heals’ basket ball floor when they replaced it. Pretty cool eh?!

If you need help with your space, give us a shout.

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